The Strengths
of Study Lombardi

- Reliability and accuracy
- Assistance and Personal advice
- Competitive rates
- International experience, particularly: UK, China , India
- Excellent reputation .

The principal office of Studio Lombardi is in Verona which is at the centre of North-East Italy, one of the most dynamic areas of the country. This particular area is the home of a large number of successful companies which are leaders in their particular field in Italy, and often worldwide.

Since it was established in 1993 the philosophy of Studio Lombardi has always been to offer professional services of the highest quality, covering a wide range of disciplines in order to present each client with made to measure solutions and guarantee ongoing support for the client for as long as necessary. As a result our clients feel they are in safe hands both in Italy and abroad, and Studio Lombardi becomes an easily accessible reference point where the clients can communicate in Italian in order to resolve eventual problems and doubts they may have even in the most remote corners of the world. In addition clients which are considering or who have already decided to expand their activities abroad will be able to meet members of the staff who can negotiate with foreign partners, clients or suppliers in English, French, Chinese and in a number of Indian languages, in order to avoid the many problems which can arise if a translation is inadequate.

Studio Lombardi stands out because it has a team which not only has great experience of the situation in Italy but it also has a deep understanding of the inherent problems of working and managing a company abroad, in particular in the Anglo-Saxon countries, in India and in China where the office has associate offices managed by members of the Studio Lombardi team. It is not therefore necessary to seek the help of external offices and everything is controlled from the centre, so as to obtain better results better at a lower cost.

Our clients are companies, various kinds of agencies and boards, and private persons, in a number of economic fields (manufacturing and service companies) and with a differing legal status (public and private limited companies, partnerships, one-man companies, trusts, etc.), based both in Italy and abroad.

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