The Team

The professional staff of the office are:

Carlo Lombardi

Senior partner of the office, accountant and auditor expert in international contract law, trade law, international taxation, planning and inspection, reviews and auditing, financial taxation. The senior partner is an accountant of great experience and is in an ideal position to help companies with their projects in India, China, Italy and the United Kingdom. He has a wide ranging long term experience in the field of international finance. Languages: Italian, English and French .

Andrea Campanardi

Accountant and expert bookkeeper, expert in taxation, contract law, administration and inspection, auditing. Languages: Italian and English.

Cristina Piazza

Accountant, expert in procedures appertaining to trusts and associations, financial and managerial analysis, and bankruptcy law.

Chetan Doshi

Business consultant specialising in the industrial, commercial and marketing sectors, based in Mumbai, India. Languages: English and Indian languages.

Ravi Hazari

Well established lawyer in Mumbai, India, with extensive experience in providing legal consultancies and assistance to companies and assistance in the relations with the Indian regulatory authorities. Languages: English and Indian languages.

Anita Bhargava

Highly esteemed lawyer in Mumbai, India, specialised in the laws relating to food and distribution. Languages: English and Indian languages.

Studio Lombardi also has excellent business relations with a number of experts and with law firms and accountants both in Italy and abroad, in particular in the United Kingdom, in India and in China.

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